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I have made 114 drawings of different animals. I am now inviting 114 people to take one of these animals and write a story about them. The aim of this is to create a collaborative collection of animals stories that will bring people lots of joy. I have so far received some beautiful, funny, touching, … Continue reading

Letters of Reflection

We’ll be at the Knee High Play Space in Gabriel’s Wharf on Saturday 3rd August, dusting off our Letter Writing Machine and bringing  more moments of magic to people’s Saturdays. SATURDAY 3rd Aug  /  12 – 4pm  Come along, we’re open to all. Bring nothing but a readiness to think about things. The machine will do … Continue reading

Letters of Love

Is that time of year again. We have been asked by one of our number one fans, to send a letter of love to their partner. If you would like us to send someone a letter of love, just send us an email to aliceandella@gmail.com and email us the answers to the following questions BY 8PM ON … Continue reading

Ants and ants and ants, the story of an anteater

Thank you to all those sending me your animal stories. They are wonderful and beautiful and make me smile every time I read them. The animal story book is going to be great, if you have not written yours yet, please do, if you have not received one yet, please be patient, and if you … Continue reading

New Adventures Update from Alice

Dear Strivers, I just wanted to drop a blog post with what I am up to these days. As many of you will know. As of last year, I embarked on a year out adventure into the care industry. I decided to follow my personal passion and re-focus my this year working within care homes … Continue reading

The Strive for Happiness on the Radio

A few of you have been chasing us to find us on the radio. This is the link to our interview about a month ago. You can hear about our intentions for the coming year and reflections on the stuff we have loved so far. Wendy also does a guided meditation at the end of … Continue reading

Listen to us on the radio!

Dear Strivers, We are very excited as we have been invited to speak  to Wendy Beresford as part of her monthly online show to spread wellbeing. She is a holistic therapist and runs a project called Picture Peace UK, that aims to inspire listeners to help us on our path to peace and wellbeing. We … Continue reading

Pleasures and Sorrows

I am enjoying reading some Alain De Botton at the moment. And I wanted to share a good bit in The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work, about searching for your aptitudes: “Act like a treasure hunter, passing over the ground with a metal detector, listen out for beeps of joy. A man might get his … Continue reading

spreading love

Dear friends, I went to a course last weekend, with DrDemartini. Demartini is a Human Behavioral Specialist, Educator and Author. Demartini is a scientist and he gives a lot of complicated theories, to back up some of the things that we genuinely, naturally always trust… I have tried to translate (for mainly my own benefit!) some … Continue reading

all the animals in the world

Last year I set out to draw all the animals in the world. This is Ilene the swan. You can see Robin the lion here. I now have a huge collection of animals, all with stories that are itching to be told. I am looking to collaborate with 112 people to create 112 stories for each … Continue reading